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LE Grand Bleu

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Why this film tops my list as #1


Tell me a story that captures the heart of youth, the love a man has for a woman, and the adventure of life. That's a lot to cram into a tale, but Luc Besson does it tenderly with humor and awe. Based on the life of Jacques Mayol and his world champion free diving competitions and his friendship with Enzo Maiorca.


Give me a character that as Martin Scorsese puts it, "struggles for faith," on the front lines of trying to live a moral life. Set against a cinematic background that is larger than life, and translate it into a tale that gives me the viewer the feeling as though I have lived out the tale with the characters. Starring, Jean Reno, Jean-Marc Barr and Rosanna Arquette.


"What makes a good song great?" One that has a melody that repeats over and over. Though the original score by Eric Serra is moving, the rescore by Tom Conti which was released in the US is over the top beautiful, cinematic and mesmerizing.

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